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first - let's meet

This is a moment to sit down and discuss how I can effectively assist you. Coaching revolves around you - understanding your wants and finding ways to collaborate towards achieving them. It's not guaranteed that everything will be perfect; we need to establish a rapport built on mutual liking, respect, and shared values. Just you and me... We'll have a conversation, address these aspects, and determine if we want to work together in the future to achieve the desired outcomes that you want. However, it's also okay if the connection isn't there. It's better to invest a little time now to see if it's a good fit rather than wasting time and resources later. If neither of us feels comfortable moving forward, there is no cost or obligation. It's a risk-free proposition, as you only need to invest a small portion of your time.

coaching sessions

Each session is all about clarity, process, and accountability. We both need to be crystal clear about what we're aiming for, the steps involved, and what has been accomplished versus what still needs to be done and by whom.

For most folks, working on a session-by-session basis is the way to go. It's easy to grasp and fits well within your budget. The most common frequency is 1-2 hours every two weeks. Going weekly can be intense, while monthly might be a bit too far apart, causing the momentum to wane. It truly depends on your goals and what works best for you. You get to decide!

As for the cost, with this coaching approach, we charge per hour. As a general guideline, for every hour we spend with you, we typically invest another hour in preparation and support.

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by project

There are times when you're really focused on solving a specific problem instead of ongoing coaching. You just have an issue that you want to get resolved, and you'd like someone to handle it and find a solution. It's important to you, and you have a specific budget in mind. In that case, a project-based service is exactly what you need! We can meet up, discuss the details, and then provide you with a cost estimate for the entire project.

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