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Brett Slater and Pipi invite you to customize your options anytime


👋 Me again.

Here, you can tailor your email preferences to suit your interests.

We respect your privacy, so feel free to adjust these settings anytime.

Your choice matters to us!

Change your options here

Thanks! We’ll make those changes soon.

🛠 Customise Your Email Preferences

Adjust Your Settings Easily!

1. Confirm Your Email 📧:
Ensure the email listed is the one you use for receiving our emails. If it needs updating, simply type in the correct one.

2. Set Your Preferences 👇:

For each category like "Blogs," "Affirmations," "Quotes," and "Tips," decide what you want to receive:

  • Y = Yes (below "Blogs," etc.) - Type 'Y' if you're keen to get these updates.

  • N = No (below "Blogs," etc.) - Choose 'N' if you'd prefer to skip them.

3. Save Your Choices 🔴:
Done picking? Awesome! Click the big red "Make Changes" button to save your settings.

Feel free to tweak these anytime! You're in control. 👍

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