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Slater's Pathway to Change

Slater Coach Limited Introduces Slater's Pathway to Change: A Practical Approach to Personal and Professional Transformation


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Slater's Pathway to Change, a structured 10-step model by Slater Coach Limited, offers a pragmatic approach to guide individuals and businesses through lasting personal and professional transformation.

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Slater Coach Limited, a leading provider of business coaching services, is pleased to announce the launch of Slater's Pathway to Change, a pragmatic and structured approach designed to guide individuals, business owners, and entrepreneurs through the intricate journey of personal and professional transformation.

Slater's Pathway to Change is not just a program; it's a tailored 10-step model that simplifies the often complex and challenging process of change. Developed by Brett Slater, a seasoned business coach, the pathway serves as a practical roadmap for those looking to enhance time management, streamline business operations, or foster personal growth.

The key steps of Slater's Pathway to Change include:

  1. Awaken (Introduction)

  2. Mist (Acknowledgment of Issue)

  3. Dawn (Vision and Strategy)

  4. Mindset (Contemplation and Inventory)

  5. Heart (Participation and Support)

  6. Stage (Preparation for Change)

  7. Grief (Emotional Transition)

  8. Leap (Action and Implementation)

  9. Anchor (Reinforcement and Stability)

  10. Embrace (Maintenance and Integration)

  11. Relapse (Cyclical Return to Mindset)

This unique framework is built on the idea that change is central to continuous improvement and business success. Unlike conventional approaches, Slater's Pathway to Change focuses on making lasting and meaningful changes that are deeply rooted and sustainable in both business and personal life.

Brett Slater, the founder of Slater Coach Limited, commented on the significance of the pathway, stating, "Change can be a daunting journey, and our goal is to provide individuals and business owners with a practical and effective roadmap. Slater's Pathway to Change is not about lofty ideals; it's about real, actionable steps that lead to lasting transformation."

The pathway begins with the 'Awaken' stage, initiating the change journey by opening one's eyes to areas that can be improved. From there, it progresses through stages like 'Mist' (acknowledging issues), 'Dawn' (developing vision and strategy), and 'Leap' (taking action and implementation). The pathway concludes with 'Embrace,' where changes are fully integrated into daily life, and 'Relapse,' acknowledging setbacks as opportunities for growth.

Slater's Pathway to Change stands out for its practicality, offering individuals and business owners a clear and structured approach to navigating the complexities of change. The model provides clarity, direction, and support through each phase, making it accessible and applicable to various scenarios.

This innovative personal and professional transformation approach is not just a theoretical concept; it's a hands-on guide for individuals seeking tangible results. Slater Coach Limited believes that by embracing Slater's Pathway to Change, individuals can initiate change, evolve and achieve a harmonious balance between their professional and personal lives.

For more information about Slater's Pathway to Change and Slater Coach Limited, please visit


Media Contact

Company name: Slater Coach Limited

Contact person: Brett Slater

City: Hamilton

State: Waikato

Country: New Zealand

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